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Ben Schatz
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

William Arnold
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

Blake Goeman
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

Daniel Wagler
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

Carlos Medina
Licensed Home Inspector

James Siegel
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector

Mark Hovlid
Licensed Home Inspector

John Lesiotis
Illinois Licensed Radon Technician

James Dunsing
Illinois Licensed Home Inspector / Trainer

Kristin Marsden
Communications Director

Jenna Dunsing
Customer Care Advocate

Juli Dunsing
Operations Manager


The Dunsing Inspections Story

With over 100 years of cumulative experience, Dunsing Inspections has qualified and licensed inspectors who can provide you with the information you need to make a fully informed decision about your real estate transaction. Led by second-generation professional inspector Jamie Dunsing, Dunsing Inspections has grown through word-of-mouth referrals based purely on the strength of its reputation and by performing thorough inspections every single time. To that end, Jamie is committed to training our inspectors with the mindset that every inspection needs to be done as if it were their own home.

Since 1980, Dunsing Inspections has examined more than 50,000 condominiums, homes and commercial buildings with an eye toward helping our clients and industry partners identify the positives – and negatives – of the property. No building is perfect, but our licensed inspectors can help all parties identify potential concerns and avoid costly surprises once a building is occupied.

Our inspectors have a variety of backgrounds, but one common goal: to provide excellent customer service.
From the….

…first phone call to check price & availability,
…to the verbal narratives provided during the inspection,
…to the thorough & detailed final electronic report provided approximately 24 hours later,
…to the ongoing access to reach your inspector to brainstorm solutions,

the entire Dunsing Inspections team is committed to providing our clients with a trusted, long-term ally. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to serve multiple generations of one family, and nothing could make us prouder!

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Fees and scope of inspection for commercial properties vary. Please call our office for details or email the property address to us along with your contact information and we’ll prepare a custom proposal for you.

Industry Insights

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