What do you really know about your home inspector?

If you ask a client or real estate agent about their home inspector, you would likely get a variety of answers. Some of the basic responses might be:

  • They’re cheap (or expensive)
  • They show up on time
  • They drive a nice truck
  • They use cool tools

You get it, most of these items are pretty obvious and can be determined with minimal effort.

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Dunsing Inspection’s Mission Statement

But what about other things that relate to your home inspection?

Some things are a given. For example, in our market, inspectors must be licensed by the state. Checking the status of someone’s license is fairly easy. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation has a place to check the status of a license. eLicense Online (micropact.com)

Also, since our state (Illinois) has basic minimum insurance requirements, if they are licensed then they must have at least basic insurance coverage.

OK, my inspector is insured, but what else should I know?

Other questions may come up relative to a home inspector include:

  1. What ancillary services does my inspector offer?
  2. What is their level of experience?
  3. What their level of education?
  4. Are they a one-person operation or do they have a team?

EBPHI commissioned study

statistical analysis jpg

Recently, the Exam Board for Professional Home Inspectors conducted a study to dig deeper and get a profile of a typical home inspector. The Role Delineation Study had 1,216 responses to the survey requests from 5 distinct geographical areas in the United States and Canada.

A few Key facts from the respondents:

  • 63.5% of respondents had less than 10 years of experience in the industry. For comparison, Dunsing Inspections has been in business for 43 years and has over 90 years of cumulative experience
  • 59.2% of respondents performed less than 200 inspections per year. In 2022, Dunsing’s inspectors averaged 283 inspections….and our busiest inspector performed 393 inspections AND our newest inspector (who worked only 6 months of 2022) performed 122 inspections.
  • 74.6% of inspectors were sole proprietors. This does not lend itself to an efficient, timely inspection. If multiple inspection services are ordered, how long will the inspection take? Digging deeper on this subject, we found the following information:
    • 82% of inspectors do not offer sewer surveys
    • 68% of inspectors do not offer mold testing
    • 47% of inspectors do not offer radon testing
    • 71% of inspectors do not offer EIFS/Dryvit/Synthetic Stucco inspections


Dunsing Inspections offers a variety of core inspection related services, as well as the ability to send a team of inspectors to your home. Our ability to provide timely “one stop shopping” makes us the obvious choice for your inspection service.

Wouldn’t you rather make one call for complete inspection services rather than coordinating multiple companies to all arrive at the same day & time?

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