The top 10 Photos from 2022!

We run into strange things at inspections. Every year, we like to recap the weird, wacky and interesting. One thing for sure, home inspection is NOT boring!

broom gutter
This broom was holding up a gutter at an inspection
newspaper on roof
As our inspector Ben said when he saw this, “I wouldn’t want to have to get the ladder out every morning, just to get the paper!”
garage full
A repeat photo, but a classic nevertheless
Rey the Halloween candy
Our inspector Rey enjoying a snack!
hockey puck cairns
A hockey player’s burial ground or just a neat sculpture?
still hot
Still “hot” after all of these years!
dead bodies
roof has issues
We didn’t need to walk on this roof to know there were problems
to infinity
Hope to see you again
pull up a chair
Would you sit on this chair?

Bonus Photo

radon popsicle
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