EIFS / Dryvit®

from $500.00


Exterior Insulation & Finish System (EIFS), more commonly known by the brand names Dryvit® and Senergy®, or the generic Synthetic Stucco, is an exterior cladding system that has been used in the United States since the late 1960’s. Because of its unique properties (added insulation value, a multitude of architectural shapes, many different textured finishes) it can be found on a wide variety of structures.


Moisture penetration is a common issue that can cause EIFS cladding failure. Dunsing Inspectors are trained to conduct inspections for moisture and other issues using special inspection techniques, tools and documentation procedures to inspect buildings with EIFS cladding. We’ve been performing EIFS inspections since 1997 and have inspected thousands of residential and commercial structures with EIFS cladding.


  • Our EIFS Certified inspectors use a moisture meter to gauge moisture on various points around the exterior of the structure.  We will probe any spot where high moisture is detected to determine the level of moisture present;
  • Exterior repair companies will use this report to identify where repairs are needed;
  • Homeowners often have us conduct this inspection every couple of years as part of their regular home maintenance;
  • Fees begin at $500 and can increase to several thousand dollars dependent on the size and complexity of the home or building;  
  • A written report complete with findings and photographs will be emailed within 24 hours of inspection completion.


Do you have a moisture problem that has been puzzling you for some time? Has your roofing contractor, window contractor or plumber been using a “hit and miss” strategy in trying to solve your problem? Are they stumped on how to fix the problem? Is it costing YOU money for them to try “just one more thing?”

You need the services of a company that can track down problems with your building. Someone who is qualified to perform your building investigation. More than just a building inspection, a building investigation looks for the causes of specific problems that have manifested themselves in a building.

Practical Solutions to Uncommon Problems

  • Building Moisture Investigations and surveys (Residential and Commercial)
  • Thermal Imaging to find moisture problems and areas of heat loss.
  • Window Inspections and testing. We can pin point the location of leaking through a building’s windows or exterior building envelope.
  • Insulation and Ventilation Consulting
  • Exterior Wall Moisture Testing (RILEM tubes)


Through many years of inspections and investigations, we have assembled a body of knowledge that can be used to track down your problem. We use both high tech (thermal imaging (aka: infrared) cameras), as well as low tech solutions to find the problems in your building.

We’re a “hands on” company. We climb on roofs and crawl in attics or crawlspaces to track down your problems. We believe that this is essential to determine the root cause of a moisture or other problem before you start to repair the visible problems.

Frequently, our solutions are cheaper and easier than specialty contractor’s solutions.


We’re not a repair contractor in any sense of the word. Our inspection is not an enterprising way for us to get additional work and we won’t try to get you to go with “our guy”. We simply provide practical advice for home and building owners. Most importantly, we are not a moisture or mold remediation company. While we are able to take air or surface samples in the home to test for presence of mold, those are additional services that can be performed and are not part of our standard EIFS inspection.

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