Juli Dunsing


Office Manager

About Juli

Juli has a BFA degree in Graphic Design from Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH.

She has made a career working for small businesses: graphic design and accounting firms, home inspection and publishing companies, a church, and even a political candidate. She joined the family inspection business in 1991, after marrying Jamie, and primarily handled scheduling and marketing for Dunsing Consultants, as it was known at the time. After she and Jamie adopted their 3 children, Juli stepped back from the inspection biz to be at home with the kids; working for the Presbyterian church and dabbling in politics before coming full-circle, returning to Dunsing Inspections in 2019.

Having found that her previous work experiences allow her to “wear many hats” at Dunsing, Juli enjoys the fast pace of the office, whether it’s providing customer service, keeping the finances in order or working on social media and marketing.

Juli is an avid reader, enjoys a good museum and is a trivia nerd. She also likes camping, bike-touring and loves animals (all kinds …even reptiles).

Certifications + Qualifications

  • 25 years in office management and customer service
  • 30+ years in marketing & graphic design