Live or Memorex? (or was it Maxell?)

Do you remember the old advertisements for Maxell cassettes tape? You know, the one where the guy is sitting in the chair and his hair, tie, lamp and the cocktail glass are blowing away because the tape has such high fidelity when it is played. If you don’t remember what a cassette tape is, watch the linked advertisement. Famous Maxell Blown Away Guy Over 500 Plays Tape C – YouTube

We prefer live training

This ad has stuck with me for a long time. It was kind of iconic during my high school years (yes, I’m over 55 years old!) I always preferred live concerts as opposed to a tape or album. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have expanded our business and hired and trained several new home/building inspectors. Out of necessity, we have relied on Zoom, Microsoft Teams and lots of video training much of it without meeting in person. However, we recently started to move back to live face-to-face training at our office again. I really miss this type of training.

Jamie Angie commercial inspection
Training outside at our office

Live training includes all the benefits of modern technology, but also has the advantage of question and answers, as well as impromptu field trips out of the office to demonstrate live inspection techniques. We use our office as a training ground. The rooftop HVAC system has been disassembled so many times, I’m surprised it still works!

Live Training has its advantages

Some other advantages of live training are:

  • Making sure that everyone is paying attention. When the camera is turned off, you really don’t know what other people are doing. Even when a computer screen is on, you may not have their full attention.
  • Reading facial expressions and body language to ensure that people understand what the presenter is talking about. If people are staring blankly at the computer screen, you may not get a sense of whether they are understanding you.
  • Side discussions and chats are discouraged when live. While I am always up for a good “sidebar” discussion, they can be distracting during a Zoom meeting.

As you can imagine, a home inspector’s job is very hand’s on. We have a large number of products that we can put in our inspector’s hands so that they get a feel for what they are inspecting. This cannot be easily accomplished when doing training on a computer screen.

In case you haven’t noticed, we are growing. We have added 5 inspectors to our inspection team just since the beginning of 2020, along with 3 office personnel. Training is IMPORTANT! While we are embracing this new way of training, we are slowly falling back to live training at our office and in the field. We have found that hands on is a better way for us.

What do you prefer? Live or Tape?

Jamie Dunsing, Professional Home Inspector

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