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Are reinspections worthwhile after a home inspection? This article discusses this subject.

Mold found in an attic at a recent inspection As I have discussed on several occasions in past articles, I have seen a

Have you looked at your deck lately? Like most people who have a deck attached to their home, you probably take it for granted that

by Jamie Dunsing, owner Looking back on 30 years and well over 10,000 inspections personally performed, I have seen a lot of interesting things. That

As a follow-up to a previous blog post of mine, here some things I feel have changed with the inspection process in the past 30

What's true and what's false about home inspections... by Kristin Marsden, Marketing Manager   1.) Home Inspectors must attend over 100 hours of live inspections

by Jamie Dunsing, owner Do new homes need inspecting?  You bet!  If new homes were perfect, why do we keep seeing the media write so

A Primer for Purchasing a “Flipped” House by Jamie Dunsing, owner Call me a doubter. “Flipped” houses did this to me. Prior to the 2007-2010

Is that crack a normal crack or a go-back-to-renting-crack-and-forget-about-buying-crack? by Jamie Dunsing Following up on my previous Call me a Doubter blog post, I want to write

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