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Periodically, we are contacted to help to trouble shoot some problems with a building. The most common reason for these calls is to help to

By Jamie Dunsing, Veteran Home Inspector and Head Inspection Nerd Recently, I came across a news story about a demolition company in Dallas, TX that

By Jamie Dunsing, Veteran Home Inspector During my long career as a home inspector there have been many new services that inspectors have added to

As I have written in the past, I frequently read a weekly newspaper column from retired Home Inspector Barry Stone.

During inspections, we are often asked, “Does that meet code?” or “Is that Grandfathered?”

I am periodically asked if I will travel to perform an inspection. The simple answer is yes, however, there are some variables related

Be careful of contractors who upsell. They may have ulterior motives

I got a guy who can repair that for $100

What does a walk through inspection include

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