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signing PIA

When we schedule our inspections, we have a checklist of items that we go through to ensure that we deliver a consistent experience every time.

womens day

There is a place in this business for new inspectors. We are hiring women home inspectors.

Early bird gets the worm

Get your home inspection scheduled ASAP. Some advice on how to proceed.

shoveling snow from roof medium size

A short list of things home inspectors do not do

peel onion

Home inspectors need to peel back the onion when they see red flags

stay in lane

Should home inspectors inspect to code?

lead service1

We do a lot of ongoing training with our inspectors to keep them well informed. During a recent training session, we were discussing lead in


We have found out how to get the best home inspector.


Melted Vinyl siding on a home. What to do?

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Fees and scope of inspection for commercial properties vary. Please call our office for details or email the property address to us along with your contact information and we’ll prepare a custom proposal for you.