Girls can’t do that!

That statement could not be further from the truth. In honor of International women’s day March 8, 2022, we are discussing the opportunities for women in the home inspection profession.

Currently, 25% of our company’s work force is women. While we are proud of that, we think it could be better. We have had a woman inspector in the past and she was great. Unfortunately, she moved to another area, and we had to part ways. We would welcome an opportunity to have the right woman work as an inspector again.

Where do women fit in in the home inspection business?

The answer is everywhere. We are aware of several home inspection businesses that are either owned or headed by highly qualified women. CEOs, accounting, marketing, call center and inspectors are all within the grasp of the right person.

The home inspection job does not require great physical strength but does require someone with great written and verbal communication skills, superior organizational skills, and a great attention to detail.

A successful inspector on the Dunsing team is an excellent communicator, both oral and written, and is hyper focused on customer service.  It is critically important that they are a team player who can successfully work with other inspectors, admin team and management. They must want to be part of what we are building and excited to see the company grow.  Technical aptitude is presumed, and they should possess the ability to convey information calmly and confidently about a property at a level that accounts for experienced and inexperienced audiences alike.

Our Mission Statement

mission canvas
Dunsing Inspection’s Mission Statement

Professional home inspectors provide unbiased information to home buyers, sellers, and other real estate professionals. Since we do not perform any repair work, it goes without saying that we do not have any reason to make up things that need repair. However, we are often challenged about our findings because the problems that we find often result in costing someone money for repairs. A common question asked of women home inspectors is whether they are challenged by others in this male dominated profession. Most people that we have spoken with say that it is difficult at the beginning, but that after they are an experienced inspector, the challenges fade to the background. It seems that being challenged by other people about your findings goes with the territory.

Let’s celebrate women!

It has been proven time and again that women can succeed in every aspect of business. Doctors, Lawyers, politicians, athletes, and inventors have their share of women in their numbers. We think that it is time for more women to be involved in our business.

There are opportunities in our business for office, marketing and of course the actual inspections.

Do you know a woman who would make a great home inspector? We would love to hear from her. We are pretty picky, so bring your “A” game!

By Jamie Dunsing, veteran home inspector

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