Chimney Scan

Using a state of the art remote camera system, we can visually inspect the interior of the chimney for defects. Common findings are cracks, gaps, and blockage that aren't visible with the naked eye. The camera is able to turn corners in the chimney and allows us to see up the chimney approximately 30-40 feet. It takes 20-30 minutes to perform this inspection. This service is limited to fireplaces and other easily accessible chimneys. We do not dis-assemble furnace or water heater vent connectors to inspect the chimney liner. Also, be aware that if a chimney is too dirty, we may recommend a cleaning of the chimney before we can perform our inspection.

Our chimney inspection is intended to find problems within the wood or gas burning fireplace chimney that can cause smoking problems, chimney fires, and carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) your fireplace and chimney should be inspected yearly. We realize that most people don't have an inspection performed yearly, so having it done prior to the purchase of your new home is the perfect time to have this inspection. Similar to the inspection of the roof, electrical system, structure, etc. we will thoroughly review the safety aspects of the fireplace, chimney and liner. The advantage of using our service is that we are not a contractor looking to increase our fees by finding additional work during our routine servicing. Our findings are that over 50% of the masonry chimneys we inspect have problems, and about 25% of the prefabricated (metal) chimneys have problems that require repair. In light of the fact that a new masonry chimney liner often exceeds $2500, we feel that the cost of the chimney inspection is a sound investment.